National Preparedness Month: Caring for Your Pet

National Preparedness Month: Caring for Your Pet

Golden Retriever with First-Aid-Kit

September is National Preparedness Month and we thought it was a great time to remind pet parents about the importance of being prepared for all family members, even our fur babies. It’s crucial to plan for a crisis when you are not currently experiencing one! Consider taking a few minutes this fall to plan for hurricane season, winter weather, unexpected illness, or any other emergency that might come your way. Your pets will thank you!

  • Always microchip your pet. Take the opportunity every year to check the information in the microchip system to account for any changes in address, phone number, etc.
  • Arrange with your family veterinarian to refill food or medication ahead of anticipated storms to ensure you have adequate supply.
  • Acquire a pet first aid kit. Create a DIY one with these instructions or purchase a prepacked one online.
  • Build a network of pet care professionals in case of an emergency – include an urgent care, emergency hospital, and pet boarding facility that you know and trust. Emergencies aren’t always large-scale events; they can also be unexpected hospital stays or last-minute trips that are not planned for.
  • Create a bug out bag. If you need to quickly evacuate your home, make sure you have a bag of necessary pet supplies. Top items from the American Red Cross include a leash/harness or carrier, food and water supply, medication, a can opener (if needed), bowls, litter pan, medical records in a waterproof bag, and a picture of your pet in case they get lost.


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Angelika Demers, CVT

Clinical Supervisor

Angelika started her animal health career in 2014 when she attended the University of Maine Augusta, Bangor campus, for Veterinary Technology. She graduated in early 2018 and became a Certified Veterinary Technician later that year. Her internship, and first veterinary field job, was at the MSPCA Angell in Boston, where she discovered her interest in emergency medicine. Throughout the years, she has continued to advance her knowledge in the field of emergency medicine, but also in cultivating relationships with patients and clients alike to offer the best quality care. Outside of work she likes hanging out with her cat, Mew, spending time outdoors, watching game shows, and photography.