Frequently asked questions

Get immediate answers to our most-asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Get immediate answers to our most-asked questions

For Everyone

Seek emergency care for life-threatening conditions such as traumatic injuries, major surgeries, critical care, difficulty breathing, heart failure, head trauma, or if your pet’s gums are blue or white in color. Those should be treated immediately by an emergency hospital.

PetMedic is an urgent care hospital, and we treat non-life-threatening pet injuries and illnesses that arise after your family veterinary hospital is closed or unavailable, on weekends or during select holidays.

Yes. However, pet health insurance is different from human health insurance. The subscriber pays PetMedic out of pocket and then gets reimbursed by their pet insurance company. We can help you submit the claim. See our blog about pet health insurance here.

Yes. We are a walk-in veterinary clinic that also allows clients to make an appointment online. Click here to make an appointment.

For Dog Owners

The wait time to see a doctor depends on how many patients we are currently seeing, but you can expect the total time in our clinic to be shorter than your typical pet emergency room. We also offer pet owners the opportunity to book appointments online to shorten wait times.

No. We are a pet urgent care veterinary clinic. We do not administer vaccines or perform other routine care, so your dog should continue to have regular visits with a local family veterinarian.

We treat any illness or injury that is non-life-threatening. During your visit, we will discuss the best options for your pet’s care and treatment. Depending on your pet’s condition, we may recommend a transfer to a pet emergency room.

For Cat Owners

Emergencies in cats include hit by a car, heart failure, kidney failure, emergency surgery and complex metabolic disease. If your cat requires 24-hour oxygen or intensive critical care with IV fluids, we will send you to a pet emergency room. We will help make the necessary arrangements.

Kittens are vulnerable to becoming very sick, very fast. Their most common problems are upper respiratory infections, ear infections, anorexia and diarrhea. Diarrhea from parasites like whipworms or coccidia can cause blood and mucus in their poop. Some respiratory illnesses can lead to severe congestion. When in doubt, bring your cat to PetMedic.

If you believe your cat’s life is in danger, please take him/her to the emergency room immediately. Although most illnesses can be treated on an outpatient basis at PetMedic, occasionally your cat will require more intensive care. We will refer life-threatening issues to a pet emergency room. Some complex cases may need a referral to a specialist. With a thorough physical exam and good diagnostic tests, we can quickly determine the best place for your pet to be treated.

For Veterinarians

No, because most of our patients require outpatient care only. Patients who require continual care or monitoring overnight are referred to a nearby emergency hospital.

Yes! When necessary, we refer life-threatening cases to nearby emergency hospitals where we know patients will receive the high-quality care they need and deserve. To learn more about our community partnership, please contact us.

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